#Ep198: My thoughts on selling with your revenue

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Episode #198: My thoughts on selling with your revenue
In this week's episode:

My thoughts on selling with your revenue


Can we talk about selling with revenue as your biggest selling point?!

Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the hot topic of revenue focused results when selling your business. It's bit tough to sell to people unless you can show me HOW you do WHAT you do the WAY you do it - AKA your process and the results you bring to the table.

Whether you’re new in business and don’t have revenue results yet, or you’re already making money, this one’s for you. Tune in to hear, how I started in as a freelancer, how you can sell based on skill sets when first starting and don’t have revenue results, and how to talk about revenue along with skill set so that your audience feels confident to buy.

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