A crazy simple business that brings in an overflow of $ and changes your client's lives? Yes, please!

We're ditching every lie we've ever been told that making money has to be complicated, involve some 12 step strategy or have to look ANY certain way. Around here we simply our businesses to the max and make more money than ever before because of it. 

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Can we just put an end to the day of signing up for trainings where you learn how someone else got successful and you try (and replicate it with very minimal success)? Cool, thanks. Grab this free workbook where I walk you through step by step how to get into more alignment with your business than ever.

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I help online business owners like you make your business more you than ever - and make more money than ever doing so. (You're a good fit if you work with clients and/or want to be selling 1-to-many offerings such as courses, group programs and digital products).

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Ready to get your business into complete alignment and start creating your dreamiest life? My private mentorship is for seasoned business owners already seeing financial success but are ready to find ways to get their time back, feel completely at home in their business and take home way more cash to bring their vision board to their actual life.

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Ready to be making a lot more sales? Transparent Sales™: The Membership gives you everything you need to take get your content converting into sales + never, ever use a icky sales strategy again. (And the price tag will blow your mind)

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Hi there, I'm Taylor Lee —

3 babies, a farm and a million-dollar business? Things have to be kept simple around here.

My first few years of business? I tried selling new offers all the time, I was always in some crazy expensive program learning someone's proven funnel system and I was overanalyzing other people's sales pages and social content to try and replicate success.

I burnt out and I didn't even had toddlers to chase around yet... 

I changed everything about how I work. I focus on a handful of very simple tasks daily, I have a small but effective team (and overhead), I'm on top of my mindset but without journaling daily (or... hardly ever if we're being honest), I create content that actually leads to the sale + I build massive brand awareness and hype around my few offers super effectively.

This means I get to work 4 hours a day, be a present mama with my babies and still see unheard-of success without burning out. That's my Fully Free life...

I help my clients do exactly that - narrow down their most simplistic sales strategies, hone in on content that's easy to make but moves their people into their dreamy offer suite of sought-after offers + no longer feel like their mindset is getting in their way every 2 seconds.

Sound good? 

"Taylor is a no bullshit coach. She will ask you your goal and hold you to it.

Within 2 months I had my first $30k month and now $75k month all while raising 5 kids. I see a lot of coaches boast about how good they are and then you sign up and feel like you're not important... that is NOT her."

Katie Joynes, Mastermind Client

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