Inside of you lives a million dollar woman and you know it.


I help my clients start bringing in multi 6 + 7 figure years by bringing their offers into total alignment, mastering their content strategy + becoming Unwavering. Because yes, it's THAT simple. 

Free Live Training: Make Millions Simply

Get instant access to the replay where you can watch me go over how I decide what offers to focus on, what to include and price them at, and how I plan to hit the enrollment goals. This is one of those trainings where I am giving wayyyy too much away. 

Let's work together -

The Membership

Ready to be making a lot more sales? Transparent Sales™: The Membership gives you everything you need to take get your content converting into sales + never, ever use an icky sales strategy again. (And the $97/m price tag will blow your mind).

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The Unwavering Woman® 

Desiring mentorship with me where you can be A. guided on what is actually important to focus on and B. tap in with questions or to get my real feedback on what you should be doing? The Unwavering Woman mentorship program is where I am guiding you though everything I did to scale to 7 figures in a way that lit me up, was so so simple and felt nearly effortless.

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Sought After®: The Mastermind

You've skyrocketed to 6 figures (or nearing close) and you're SO ready for more. But you can't help but wonder how when you are on the rollercoaster of burnout from launching and your client load already as it is. It's time to shift some things. This is the mastermind to get to multiple 6 figures with a stand-out message, a sales process that is near effortless and no more hustle. 

Hi there, I'm Taylor Lee —

& I hate nothing more than things being overcomplicated.

I've tried it all.

Spending $10k+ on ads, building out complicated 12 step funnels, changing my offers entirely to be what that successful coach says they need to be in order to scale.

None of it worked.

Honestly? Every time I overcomplicated business + gave my power away like this my revenue has dipped. A lot.

I started hitting $50k and $100k cash months once I saw and owned my own power and greatness.

That's why with my clients it's about a few things:

Creating a total mindset shift where you stop wavering all the time and can finally BE the version of you who makes that kind of money. 

Bringing your offers into total alignment - to your financial and lifestyle goals and simply giving your people what they NEED (no more questioning every little detail of your offers necessary).

Changing how you sell - I promise you - simple social media content and a few live trainings a year can = totally sold out offers on repeat, growing reoccurring revenue and record breaking income months. It just has to be done right. 

Let me show you how. 

"Taylor is a no bullshit coach. She will ask you your goal and hold you to it.

Within 2 months I had my first $30k month and now $75k month all while raising 5 kids. I see a lot of coaches boast about how good they are and then you sign up and feel like you're not important... that is NOT her."

Katie Joynes, Mastermind Client

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