Fine tune your marketing, solidify your launch strategy

and SELL OUT your offers.

 You turned what you do into your full-time thing, YAY!!

Maybe it’s a few thousand each month, maybe it’s in that juicy 5-figure range you worked towards for so long…

Either way you made it happen and that alone is worthy of celebration.

But you’re starting to see there’s other people out there seemingly taking the exact same action you are but getting way bigger results 


You know you’re already doing the right things (you’ve invested into courses and coaching a few times before) 


You DO desire to get more intentional with your launches and can see room to go all in on your big dreamy goals and execution 


But deep down you know - it’s not about finding some new strategy you haven’t heard of yet…


It's about fine tuning what you're already doing so it works A LOT better.

You're ready to be celebrating sold out launch after sold out launch.

You craving hands on mentorship support that’s different than what you’ve experienced before 

Imagine if anytime you needed you had someone (who’s scaled herself and clients to 6 and 7 figures) available to:

✔️ Look over your sales page and make sure your copy is making it a no brainer YES for your next client to enroll today 

✔️ Take a peek at your Facebook ads or story graphics and what needs to be tweaked so you have people signing up for you upcoming masterclass 

✔️ Jump on a call with you and go over your launch plan and make sure every piece is aligned to your biggest-launch-ever goal 

✔️ Give you a chance to talk out your ideas for your next offer and help you pick the one that is going to work best (and feel best) for you 

The fact of the matter is most programs are giving you more information (which you don’t REALLY need)...

And the containers are more about answering questions as quickly as possible (when let’s be really half the time you don’t even know what to ask)...

I’m filling the gap with Sold Out: The Mastermind by providing all of the tools you need to experience real strategic support.

You'll learn new things. Your questions will always be answered.

But the best part?

You will have eyes on what you're already doing + exact tweaks on how to have it start working better right away.


Ready to be fully supported in your launches and business? Ready to write ‘Sold Out’ over your offer graphic at the end of your launch? Ready to celebrate your biggest launch yet? 
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Here’s everything you get when you join us for 9 months:

3 x 2-day Virtual Retreats
Every quarter we spend 2 days together where I spill the tea with you on what’s been working best in my own launches, bring in some incredible experts on things that have made a huge difference in my own business AND we map out your next 90 days of offers, launches and content.

Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Taylor
We start calls with rapid fire q&a of pre submitted questions (anything quick you’re wondering about how I do things or my advice) and then we move into hot seat coaching to talk through your launches, mindset and even have my eyes on your content.

3 x 1:1 Calls (45 mins)
Deepdive into every piece of your launch with a multi 6- or 7-figure coach. We’ll give you ideas on things that could increase sales, make sure your mindset is squeaky clean around the plan to lock in the highest possible success for your launch. 

Weekly Marketing Feedback
Most masterminds are sorely lacking in the feedback department and we do it differently! Every week you can submit a piece of content to get feedback on because it’s often the small tweaks that make the biggest difference. Submit sales pages, emails, posts, etc. and not only will we give direct feedback, we’ll also teach you what’s already great and what to improve to increase the effectiveness of ALL your future content, too.

Private Community
There’s truly no reason to ever get stuck in your head, leave a question unanswered or have a decision unmade. The community is the go-to place to make sure you’re always moving forward and getting results. That safe space to be supported and feel truly seen makes all the difference.

VIP Bonus: Access to All Courses
You get access to all courses to listen to in between sessions and to work on mastery of the 4 key pillars of an online biz: the content, the energetics, the money mindset, and foundation and sales. These courses alone are worth over $9,000. The included courses are: Unwavering, Overflow, Sought After, Transparent Sales, and all live courses and workshops during our nine months together.

Hi, I’m Taylor,

Before I was a coach I was a done-for-you service provider.

I was helping clients map out strategies, running Facebook ad campaigns and putting all the strategic pieces in place for upwards of million dollar launches. (Yes, $1M in sales collected within a few weeks time) 

So when it came time to doing this for myself I thought I had it in the bag.

But it still took me MONTHS to get my first coaching client.

Why? Was I doing the wrong things? No… Was I missing some secret strategy? Obviously not…

I was too close to my own work -  I was struggling with putting my story into words in ways that would relate to my new ideal client. I was hesitant to share what I was truly able to help clients with because I was comparing myself to others. I struggled to put into words HOW I really helped clients in a way that didn’t sound like every other coach out there.

There’s a reason I went from struggling to book $3k clients (booking just one a month IF I was lucky) to being a million dollar coach.
I mastered writing and it’s become my gift.


Now I can take a look at my client’s sales pages, emails, posts, IG stories, ads and instantly tell them exactly what needs to change for them to start getting results.


It helps I’m also one of the best at mindset coaching, launch strategy planning and coaching clients on going for even their biggest goals too 😉


I’m bringing all of this into Sold Out: The Mastermind to help you have your biggest launches and sell out your offers.

Ready to celebrate with us? 🎉

Ready to be fully supported in your launches and business? Ready to write ‘Sold Out’ over your offer graphic at the end of your launch? Ready to celebrate your biggest launch yet?
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