#186: Scaling to multi 7 figures with baby #2 on the way ft. Cait Scudder

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Episode #186: Scaling to multi 7 figures with baby #2 on the way ft. Cait Scudder
In this week's episode:

Scaling to multi 7 figures with baby #2 on the way ft. Cait Scudder

I love reminding you that it can be easy.

And it CAN be.

And sometimes… it’s not.

Sometimes you’re living off 90 minute stretches of sleep.

Sometimes the thing you really thought would be THE thing doesn’t take off.

But what makes it more easeful is having support.

This week, I am so excited to talk with, Cait Scudder, a multi seven figure coach and mom of 2. In this episode we talk about the parallels of motherhood and scaling a 7 figure business. 

The reality is that becoming a mom changes everything and sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not just like business. 


Meet Cait

Cait Scudder is a high school teacher turned Forbes-featured 7 figure Business Coach for women entrepreneurs. A TEDx speaker, host of the Born to Rise podcast, and internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving mama and wife, Cait’s mission is to empower ten million driven, bold-hearted women to uncover their zone of genius and use it to create a profitable, purpose-driven business that changes the world. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider among several other publications. Find her inside her free Facebook community, The Radiant Entrepreneur, where she shares weekly free trainings and content for her community of boss babes, or on her website at cait.co.

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