Episode #243: Top 4 Things For A Record Breaking Year

Taylor Lee
Episode #243: Top 4 Things For A Record Breaking Year

There is no shortage of advice online, The internet's swarming with tips and tricks.

Whether you want to grow your business, lose weight, make more money or do quite literally anything, with a quick google search you could find multiple "best strategies” online.

But the million dollar question is how do you cut through the noise and figure out what's best for you and what'll actually work for you?

This week, I'm sharing the Top 4 Things For A Record Breaking Year, these are the exact things I am doing with my clients. I hope this helps you get some clarity and feel like you are getting a sneak peek at one of my offers.


In this episode, I’m going to talk to you about 4 things: 

  • The Energetics
    • What limiting beliefs need to be shifted for your goal to feel doable?

    • What past results or situations need to be released for your goal to feel doable?

    • How do you self sabotage? Why? What it would look like to show up and NOT self sabotage in these ways?

    • What feels lightest when it comes to thinking about money? Thinking longer term (quarterly or yearly goals?) or thinking smaller (today or this week)…

  • The Big Picture
    • Do you know WHY you want the money you say you want to make? Are these non negotiable things for you?

    • Does your offer suite make sense to create the $$ you desire this year?

    • What is you doing this work REALLY doing? For you, for the world, for future generations? Why is it a REALLY big deal you show up for yourself and your business.

  • Your Messaging
    • Do you know how to talk about yourself?

    • Do you know how to talk about your offers?

    • Is your content laser focused on your DREAM client or are we often obsessing over engagement and reach?

  • Multi-angle selling
    • What are you publicly selling right now?

    • What’s the angle?

    • What’s the urgency?

    • What are you selling BTS right now?

    • What are you selling for cash injection / small YES for your people?

    • What are you selling for MRR/ big YES for people?

    • How are we giving people a TASTE of your work?


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"You should feel like you are getting a sneak peek at one of my offers."

- Taylor Lee


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