Episode #240: My biggest advice to prepare for 2024

Taylor Lee
Episode #240: My biggest advice to prepare for 2024

I hope you are ready to welcome the possibilities that comes with a new year. As we bid farewell to the last twelve months, I've been reflecting a lot, and today, I'm compelled to share my biggest advice to prepare for 2024.

We've each journeyed through unique experiences over the last year—some have found greater success, while others have weathered challenges or faced setbacks. It's important to acknowledge these differences and not let them dictate our path forward.

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • How to see 2024 as a separate chapter, distinct from the ups and downs of this year.
  • The importance of leaning into what you hope for in both your business and personal life.
  • How I'm currently planning for 2024.

As I plan for my 2024, with a heart full of optimism, I encourage you to do the same. Reflect on what you truly aspire to and give yourself the freedom to pursue it unapologetically.


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"Your timeline is supporting you in becoming who you need to be to hold the thing."

- Taylor Lee


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