Episode #227: Letting go of a 700k/yr biz with Lauren Love

Taylor Lee
Episode #227: Letting go of a 700k/yr biz with Lauren Love

In this weeks episode, Lauren Love is sharing her story of letting go of a 7 figure business and stepping into the new. It’s a powerful episode of strength and resiliency. 


In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  •  Laurens journey of leaving her old brand and stepping into alignment on a new path.
  •  How to you handle when your partner doesn’t get it. 
  •  Sharing the messy and vulnerable parts of life and business. 
  •  Trusting yourself and knowing that it's normal for big expansions to feel uncomfortable.  

I hope her story really inspires you!


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"Never underestimate the power of a strong prayer and your desire to work on yourself its amazing what that can do"

- Lauren Love


About Lauren

Lauren of Love is a  teacher and a spiritual guide for people who are on the self healing journey life path. Her mission work specializes in helping women heal the shame, guilt and oppression that create chronic illness in the body, mental health challenges, and financial struggles. Her mission work started through her own self healing journey after a spontaneous awakening in 2012 that sent her through a radical initiation of healing her dark night patterns of addiction, abusive relationships and unworthiness. Eight years later, she left her life to embark on a deep year-long soul-quest study in Sedona, Arizona and completely healed her severe chronic illness condition, & life long battle with mental health depression and anxiety. Lauren later channeled this spiritual healing experience into the step by step online transformation program called HEAL, which to date has helped more than 150 women have radical self healing transformations in their bodys, emotions, relationship, 

As a spiritual entrepreneur, Lauren is also the creator of the Wild Wealthy Feminine method, which teaches women how to heal the patriarchal wounds of success, achievement and worthiness that create financial resistance in business and entrepreneurship. In addition to her work and leadership in the online space, Lauren is also a deep student, facilitator & ally of plant & earth based medicines, working with and facilitating connection to the very medicines that helped her heal like Ayahuasca, Kambo, Mushrooms, Cacao and Hape. 

"Healing is about remembering that we are whole. And that everything else is just story we can let go of." 

Connect with Lauren: Instagram | Website | Podcast


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