Episode #211: My predictions for the coaching industry

Taylor Lee
Episode #211: My predictions for the coaching industry

I’m sharing what trends and shift I see coming into the coaching space. These are the things I am choosing to lean into that I’ve been processing and many continue to talk about behind-the-scenes.

If you’ve been around the online business space for a while, you’ve probably felt the shift since the beginning of 2023 (and maybe even earlier). 

Here is a look at what I am going to be doing and the things I am seeing – because let’s be honest the most important piece of it is what we do with it all. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What I mean when I say some are going to get lost in conversations about what needs to change, practices that aren’t good, recession fear, fear and the belief that people are investing less. 
  • The adjustments you’ll see in business such as raising or lowering prices, changing offers and business model in response to what’s going on in the industry. 
  • The importance of more details about  offers and more effort into how you are selling your offer to really build that know/like/trust factor. 
  • Why you’ll see more people to lean into less offers more long term and the shift of brand awareness being more important.
  • My thoughts on being more intentional with your content to help people get a result or perspective shift, really making them move in 5 min or less. 

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"So people feel like if I am always moving forward like this and always feeling good with their content, imagine being their paid offer."

- Taylor Lee


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