Episode #210: Using Your Coaching Biz To Create Real Wealth with Kat Arapis

Taylor Lee
Episode #210: Using Your Coaching Biz To Create Real Wealth with Kat Arapis

This week we have an amazing guest on the podcast, Kat Arapis and we discuss all things MONEY.

From feeling safe around money to handling and using money as you grow to trusting yourself with money and investments. I am so excited about this  conversation about spending, saving, investing, and having money outside of your business!

We all have the conversations about what people make, but what I want to talk about this week is what to do with the money. Things like…

Investing outside of your business into things such as real estate.

Why you might price an offer a certain way in your business to hit your goals.

The conversations about money that are more than just hitting a number but how it impacts your life.

Knowing how to steward your money is really important, and I hope this conversation brings you perspective.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  •  The importance of stewarding your money.
  •  How to decided where to put your money in other places outside of your business. 
  •  Ways you can feel more confident with investing, when you don't have a finance background. 
  •  What Kat is investing in and why.
  •  How to make a decision on how much to invest. 
  •  What rules to break when it comes to finances and investments. 
  •  Thoughts on debt. 


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"Confusion always precedes understanding"

- Kat Arapis 


About Kat

Kat Arapis is a Master Certified Business Coach, helping coaches + client-based entrepreneurs scale their business in six months or less. One client at a time, 100k at a time. In the most efficient, effective and fun way possible.

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