Episode #208: 11 Lessons From My 27th Year

Taylor Lee
Episode #208: 11 Lessons From My 27th Year

As I look back on my last trip around the sun, I feel moved to share some things I’ve learned with you. I find I’m filled with joy, gratitude, appreciation, and love.

Are you? Because - regardless of what your year has looked like - you absolutely deserve to be.

It’s a fact: life is full of surprises. We all experience peaks and pitfalls, tragedies and triumphs. It’s how we deal with them that determines who we are...and who we become.

Overall, this has been a big year of lessons for me, so I thought that it might be helpful to share so that you could benefit from them, too! 

  •  Your Identity Will Shift
  •  Alignment doesn’t mean effortless
  •  Growth isn’t always up and up
  •  Perspective is everything
  •  ... And much more.

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"You’re going to keep learning the same lessons over and over in different ways and at different levels and in different situations."

- Taylor Lee



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