Episode #206: Tapping into your creative mission and purpose with Shereen Sun

Taylor Lee
Episode #206: Tapping into your creative mission and purpose with Shereen Sun

I've been having 1:1 conversations with a lot of you. And I mean a lot! The same struggles and wants come up again and again. So today I want to share Shereen Sun with you and her story from artist painting murals to showing others how to awaken in your inner artist and live your creative life. 

There are so many important lessons here and one of the most important is learning to be honest with yourself. Are you happy with the work you are doing? Do you believe in your mission? Are you still excited about what you are doing?

It’s more often than I'd like to admit, but we all idolize other women and their perfectly curated Instagram accounts. We compare their idealized version of themselves/their business/their lives with our current situation and let that be the determinant of our own success (or lack thereof). We need to learn to trust ourselves and feel confident enough to declare WHAT WE WANT.

In this episode we really dive into making the transition to doing more of what feels in alignment for you and what that looks like while tuning out all the noise. Exploring the truth of your life and your business, not how to make life better but how to make it more you.

I hope this episode inspires you to realize that your life is your greatest masterpiece

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"YOU are an artist! Everything you are doing is so creative."

- Shereen Sun


About Shereen

Even when it seems like the world has gone nuts, there is one thing that I know is true: at the core of my being, I am an artist. When I discovered the arts, I began to connect the dots and make sense of my place in the world. Hi, I’m Shereen Sun.

I‘m an art educator, with a master’s in urban education and advanced specializations in the visual arts, I taught art to the most marginalized youth in inner-city schools, and started a non-profit that allowed me to paint murals with communities all around the world.

Driven by a passion for finding my own authentic artistic expression, I started Radiant Wildheart in 2016 and it’s grown into an incredible community of thousands of people, with more joining every day.

I’m passionate about helping visionary souls access their conscious creativity that sets them free and recognize the positive impact they have on the world when they live with confidence and authenticity.

No matter how many IG followers I have or how many books I sell, I will always remember what it feels like to be an outsider looking for a place where they belong.

Bring your insecurities and self-doubt because we are about to embark on a deep healing journey to find the real you underneath any fears you might have. We are going to radically shift your mindset and beliefs so that you can become an unstoppable force for magic in the world.

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