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Ready to scale your coaching business to multi 6 & 7 figures?

Sold Out: The Mastermind guides you through my simple million dollar framework so you can finally have a business that where you're celebrating daily sales, sold out offers + more ease than you ever knew was possible.

Tell me...does any of this resonate?


You're tired of doing strategies that suck all of the YOU out of your business (fancy launches, pushy sales convos, overly strategic funnels).

You're over feeling like in order to make a big influx of cash you have to create 5 million things.

You dream of being able to post a quick couple of slides on stories or write a quick sales emails and watching $3k, $5k even $10k cash come rolling in.

You're ready to experience this whole ease thing you see others talking about and you know the way you're doing it now isn't creating that.

You know that it's time to really nail the messaging, offers + content that will sell out your offers because it's not just what you do but doing them really well so they convert.

A multiple 6 figure or even 7 figure year is a non-negotiable to create the life you really desire and you're SO ready to just go for it.

These kinds of results aren't out of reach - some small tweaks and they're all yours.


Here’s everything you get during our 9 months:

3 x 2-day Virtual Retreats
Every quarter we spend 2 days together where I spill the tea with you on what’s been working best in my own launches, bring in some incredible experts on things that have made a huge difference in my own business AND we map out your next 90 days of offers, launches and content.

Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Taylor
We start calls with rapid fire q&a of pre submitted questions (anything quick you’re wondering about how I do things or my advice) and then we move into hot seat coaching to talk through your launches, mindset and even have my eyes on your content.

3 x 1:1 Calls (45 mins)
Deepdive into every piece of your launch with a multi 6- or 7-figure coach. We’ll give you ideas on things that could increase sales, make sure your mindset is squeaky clean around the plan to lock in the highest possible success for your launch. 

Weekly Marketing Feedback
Most masterminds are sorely lacking in the feedback department and we do it differently! Every week you can submit a piece of content to get feedback on because it’s often the small tweaks that make the biggest difference. Submit sales pages, emails, posts, etc. and not only will we give direct feedback, we’ll also teach you what’s already great and what to improve to increase the effectiveness of ALL your future content, too.

Private Community
There’s truly no reason to ever get stuck in your head, leave a question unanswered or have a decision unmade. The community is the go-to place to make sure you’re always moving forward and getting results. That safe space to be supported and feel truly seen makes all the difference.

VIP Bonus: Access to All Courses
You get access to all courses to listen to in between sessions and to work on mastery of the 4 key pillars of an online biz: the content, the energetics, the money mindset, and foundation and sales. These courses alone are worth over $9,000. The included courses are: Unwavering, Overflow, Sought After, Transparent Sales, and all live courses and workshops during our nine months together.

Apply Now for Sold Out: The Mastermind and Receive Access To My Exclusive Training 

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