#Ep 187: $800K cash months with Cassie Howard

Normalizing Millions
Episode #187: $800K cash months with Cassie Howard
In this week's episode:

$800K cash months with Cassie Howard

I am so excited to talk with Cassie Howard this week, she has tapped into a whole other level with money since the last time that we chatted on the podcast. 

From the laser hustle focus of doing and doing and going hard and hustling 24/7 until you can't stay awake for a second longer. To leaned back, still do the work with ease and fun!

We are talking all about the shifts that happened in her business, when you realize you are the only one in your way. 


Meet Cassie

Cassie Howard is a business strategist for ambitious entrepreneurs. She helps you to ditch the overwhelm and make 6-figures+ in your online business, without the struggle, doing what you love. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, 2 kids, and their herd of cats.

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