This is the mastermind where your business finally feels strategic and predictable without following someone else's way - you know your shiny message, your million-dollar offer suite, exactly how you hit enrollment goals, and how you grow your audience so there are always new buyers. 

This is the mastermind where you finally understand how to step into your next level identity and hit numbers that make your jaw drop when you check your Paypal and Stripe.

This is the mastermind where you finally get eyes on your business, your content, your strategy, and ACTUAL feedback giving the exact tweaks to hit your goals. 

It's your time, isn't it? 

Your business is going to change forever in this mastermind & here's how: 

➡️ Group coaching sessions where we get to the real root of what's going on... whether it's diving into mindset beliefs and clearing them once and for all (leaving you with actual homework for the weeks ahead to make real change) or LOOKING at your strategy, content, etc and defining exact tweaks it's time for you to make 

➡️ Daily support from me in our Facebook group + reminders to use it - no more lingering in indecision around your launch or offer, no more getting all up in your head because you just can't shake a fear or belief coming up, and no more sitting in confusion on WHY your content/launch isn't selling. I'm ready each day and guide you to your results.

➡️ Unlimited marketing feedback from me - most coaches aren't looking at your content AT ALL - just riffing to you in Voxer on their own business and success - NOPE. I'm an open book if you want to learn about me... but I'm really here to show you EXACTLY what needs to change for you to get the results you want. You know? 

➡️ Access to the mentors and tools that have changed my life whether that be my financial team, marketing team, mentors, healers, human design insights, etc. I'm bringing in guests that are quite literally going to change your entire life - like they have mine! (I'll be geeking out on these calls WITH you as a student!) 

➡️ BONUS: Get instant access to my best trainings from the past year that ONLY my highest level mastermind + 1:1 clients have gotten access to (14 trainings from me + 4 from my fav guest experts I've brought in to serve my clients) 

"I went from $6k months to 25k months because of the mentorship in Taylor's mastermind. I have loved every second of it."

Dustin Mushinski, mastermind client 

This mastermind is what I wish I had on my journey:

 ✨ A coach who would actually LOOK at my content instead of just cheerlead me? 

✨ Coaching calls that weren't spent diving into silly things I knew didn't matter but that went DEEP and left me feeling like a whole new woman every single time? 

✨  Being able to just have my moment to talk something out, even to complain in my confusion, and be given exact direction to take? 

✨ No longer being told what I *have* to do to scale but space being held to custom design the way that is in alignment with ME + my life? 

✨ Monthly programs from a 7 figure mentor that kept me plugged in, always learning and focused on the RIGHT things? 

✨ An investment level that actually allowed me to have room for sooo much profit? 



This mastermind was made for the coach who:


Is making money but is experiencing a plateau or dip and kind of confused on WHY.

Isn't afraid to show up, is completely willing to do what it takes but is feeling like she needs a straight forward, simple approach to make shit happen.

Is honestly ready to really plug into her next investment and let her mentor IN - keep her in the loop - and receive REAL feedback and insight in return. 

Has hit record-high months that would be a DREAM to maintain but always dips back down and is ready to stabilize her next level (whether that's $20k cash months or $100k cash months). 

Desires to use a simple post and sell style strategy to fill her offers and is done with complicated, techy strategies that take SO much effort and perfectionism to make work.

Is ready to be laser-focused on a SIMPLE way to hit BIG cash months and is unwilling to get distracted by what so and so said on their latest podcast. 

Has a REAL vision... this isn't about making money to make money... it's about creating a business that feels like HOME and fits in perfectly with your life - funds your vision board, gives you time and space for the things that really matter and allows you to be fully YOU 

So, you ready to join us?

12 Monthly Payments of


  • Daily access to Taylor in our exclusive FB group 
  • 2 zoom calls per month with q&a and hot-seat coaching time 
  • Unlimited marketing feedback from Taylor 
  • Quarterly guest expert trainings 
  • Bonus: Access to my signature courses, a collection of exclusive trainings I've made in the past year for high level clients only and any other programs I sell this year 
  • Bonus: Access to 12 months inside Transparent Sales: The Membership ($1,164 value) 
  • Bonus: Access The Unwavering Woman: 12 Month Portal ($3,996 value) 



  • Access to everything you get on the payment plan 
  • Plus save $2,200 (it's like getting 2 months free inside the mastermind) 

Shaheen Plunier, Mastermind client said:

"I can't thank Taylor enough for providing such an inspiring mastermind, a safe place to celebrate wins and to hold space to be vulnerable and supported... and most importantly seen! The personal touches are 5 stars! 

I love the access to all of the courses that Taylor provides! It's such a good deal, seriously! I might have to stay on another round!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Katie Joynes, mastermind client said:

"Taylor is a no bullshit coach. She will ask you your goal and hold you to it. Within 2 months I had my first $30k month and now $75k month all while raising 5 kids. I see a lot of coaches boast about how good they are then you sign up and feel like you're not important... that's NOT her."

We All Love A Good Bonus Don't We?

✔ Instant access to Transparent Sales: The Membership $1,164 value 

✔ Instant access to The Unwavering Woman: 12 Month Portal $3,996 value 

✔ Instant access to over 14 trainings Taylor has created over the past year that ONLY private clients and mastermind clients have seen 

✔  Instant access to 4 trainings that Taylor's go to team of support have created for her high level clients (on using your unique human design in your marketing, Facebook + IG ads, tapping into the soul of your business and managing your money as a CEO) 

✔ You'll be granted access to any other paid courses and workshops that I run during your year in the mastermind #vipstatus


Ready to become the Sought After, sold out coach you know you're meant to be?