Transparent Sales: The Membership

You deserve to be making a lot more sales

And I'm ready to help you do just that  using super simple strategies that feel soooo good for you to implement and for your clients to experience.

I know what it's like to try so hard to just crack the code to more sales - 

You bought the programs that promised ease - just to find out it was about selling 12 million offers and writing 28 billion IG story slides.

You've tried building fancy funnels and running ads - and it felt like nothing happened except your cash flow flying straight out your office window.

You've done the sales calls with the 'overcoming objection' scripts - and you wanted to barf the whole time.

Imagine if making sales could look more like this - 


You have a few drool worthy offers and launching them is easy (cause everything is already created!)


You have a content system that you can plug and play, takes less than an hour a day and converts like magic.


You have a strategic sales system and people love to click and buy your offers because of it.

This isn't just another program about you making a ton of money 

This is about selling in a way that also feels so good to your clients

And, YES, that means MORE clients ready to work with you.

  • People are tired of wasting money on the same offer wrapped in a different packaging (a new name and shiny brand graphic) 
  • People are over content that gives no real value and sales pitches that give no details 
  • People don't want to get on awkward sales calls but they also don't want to buy from a sketchy checkout page that gives no details 

The Transparent Sales™ Membership 

It's non-negotiable for you to hit your goals

You know you only get this life once and you're going to give it everything you've got to make it vision board worthy.

You're unavailable to make things harder or take longer than they need to - so hustling your a** off or having a calendar full of sales calls just isn't an option for you.

You can see clear as day how powerful your work is and you have a soul knowing being booked out and financially thriving is meant for you - you know sales are meant to feel simple, easy and so abundant for you.

"I spent my Sunday watching the first module and the amount of learning I did here was more than I did all week. 

The module was so good, I actually whipped up 7 social media posts within one hour of the training. And it's not even the content module yet.

It feels like the floodgates to real sales just opened!"

Roshni Shaikh, Transparent Sales student

Transparent Sales: The Membership

You can sell out $100, $1,000 and even $10,000 offers with the right offer positioning, strategic content and the right mindset.

Without ever using another icky, pushy or complicated sales strategy ever again.

Brand New Curriculum

Unlock access to the brand new Transparent Sales™ curriculum - breaking down the exact process of selling out offers at any price with dead simple marketing. (1 module released per month)

Monthly 'Content For Sales' Plan

Imagine every month getting a content plan with prompts, tips, fresh ideas just handed to you. Never be lost or confused about what to do and say to make more sales ever again.

Monthly Q&A

An opportunity every month to ask me anything plus recordings and a question directory so you can easily find answers to anything I've answered in the past.

Monthly 'Insight Scoop'

Once per month I'll be dropping into the membership a look at MY own content insights - what's ACTUALLY working and what's not. (This could be behind the scenes of my ads, Instagram, email list, podcast, etc)


The program will be hosted in a Facebook group where you can connect with others on the same journey, seek peer feedback and masterminding and dive into the content as it's released.

what we're covering in the membership 

Everything you need to create sales on a daily basis (without burning out or using gross, pushy strategies)


Drool Worthy Offers

It's time we stop only creating offers to help us hit our revenue goals but we intentionally create offer positioning and messaging that helps our future clients make confident buying decisions - this means more sales and more empowered clients for you.

Daily Sales Creating Content

How do I sell? I create simple (yet super strategic) content daily/weekly on a few platforms. No fake urgency, no crazy fancy funnels, no pushy sales strategies. Good messaging, positioning and content. 


Simple, Strategic Sales System

What people often get wrong when I say you don't need to do sales calls is they just stop offering calls but they market their offer the same way. You need a sales process/system for your clients to follow. We'll work together on creating one that adds no extra time to your plate but still leaves your audience feeling super supported in their buying process.

Manifesting Mindblowing Results

There is a huge mindset shift that needs to happen in order to allow yourself to make $10k, $30k, $50k months selling with complete simplicity and ease. Most content in the membership will be highly strategic but it wouldn't be a Taylor Lee program without the necessary mindset perspectives and work thrown in too.

Feeling the pull?

This Membership Was Created For You If...

  • You're putting a lot of effort into creating offers + content and you know it's time to be paid a lot more for it 
  • If you're honest you know your messaging isn't hitting home for people - they follow you, they look at your offers but most aren't actually buying 
  • You, like me, have also written off pushy, icky sales strategies buuuuut it would be nice to be making way more sales 
  • You want to be in an ongoing program where you can lean in for support, ask questions and also be guided on the right steps to take - but a super high ticket mastermind or 1:1 just isn't a fit for your budget right now (and that's OK!)
  • You have a knowing within you that now is your time, you're not stuck, your trusting the pull and you're soooo ready to celebrate your next level goals happening in this container 

Keilly, past membership client, said: 

You won’t regret investing in this program! It’ll save you so much time spinning your wheels and making mistakes.

There have been numerous times I’ve been unsure on what to do and Taylor has made things super clear for me and so that I intuitively know what to do! She has a unique skill of pulling the best work and ideas out of me.

Being in this program is invaluable and will keep you high vibe and is priceless for the level of support you’ll have.

Shilpa, past membership client, said:

This program is so powerful, it is one of the places I go to for getting perspective, grounding, and uplifting mindset + strategic advice for any situation going on in my business!

The trainings are always so specific and actionable nuggets, your Q&As are so transparent, the mindset work is next level. And with the weekly homework posts, you break down all overwhelm and energise me to get stuff done!

It feels like having a coach in my pocket! Taylor Lee thank you so much for holding this space and for showing us what's possible! 

There are two ways you can join the membership:

Monthly Payments


  • Access to community Facebook group  
  • Access to new curriculum drop each month 
  • Monthly Content Plan 
  • Monthly Q&A recording
  • Monthly 'Insight Scoop' 
  • Auto-billed monthly, cancel anytime 

12 Month Discount


  • Access to community Facebook group  
  • Access to new curriculum drop each month 
  • Monthly Content Plan 
  • Monthly Q&A recording
  • Monthly 'Insight Scoop' 
  • SAVE: Get 2 months in the membership free 
  • BONUS: Get a 1:1 social media audit from Taylor (delivered via Loom screen share video)  

Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Taylor


When I started my coaching business I was willing to do whatever it took to hit my goals.

I found myself with a calendar full of 'free sessions' and sales calls, using scripts my coach gave me and hiding the details of my program in hopes more conversations meant more sales.

I was full of anxiety before every sales call. And I wanted to barf as I followed the script and tried to push people into paying then and there despite their fear (and I hated nothing more than that awkward pause after saying my price).

The worse part? I still was hardly making sales.

With nothing to lose - I decided to break all the rules and try a new approach.

Little did I know this would change everything for me.

Since I've booked out $20k private coaching packages without hiding my prices, taking any sales calls or overcoming objections.

I've sold over 100 spots in a course within a few weeks without any content about why you need to invest in yourself or being all up in the DMs persuading people to join.

I've booked out my high level $10k+ masterminds by simply talking about it and sending people to a sales page where they can click and buy.


My clients have become more empowered, easy to work with, get better results and it's become extremely rare we ever have a client not happy or want to leave the program early. Because we aren't using strategies that lead people to feeling regret or pushed into the decision.

Tara Hewson, past membership client, said:

"Just wanted to do a huge shoutout to Taylor! Since coming across Taylor and joining her program I have completely transformed my business.

I used the trainings and content prompts from the training in my most recent launch and had a $12,500 cash day!

The program has not only had a huge impact on the results in my business but has made me fall in love with my business all over again!

Thank you so much Taylor I LOVE your program it’s absolutely my most favourite place on the internet!"

Sarah Mac, past membership client, said: 

This program has honestly been so valuable - to have the inside scoop on what Taylor is doing in her business, to have her support on my current strategy and so much content to dive into to up-level my skill at selling high ticket offers, as well as the mindset stuff.

I've had so many of my burning business questions answered, I've taken my knowledge of online marketing to a whole new level, and I've tapped into much more aligned strategies to be making sales and feeling way more freedom and enjoyment in my business - including surpassing my $20k month income goal by a lot without having to work harder!

Ready for sales to be an everyday, oh-so-easy kind of occurrence for you too?


Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

I know the support in other coach's programs has felt pretty lack luster...

That's why I created this membership.

I wanted to create something that provided you with the most hands on, strategic, guided support where it feels like I'm your 'high level' coach without the crazy, big price tag that just doesn't make sense for most business owners.

My #1 value in my company is client experience and over-delivery. I can promise that if you take the risk to jump in, you'll receive everything I've shared on this page and more. 

And you'll agree, like other course + membership clients - the program is worth way more than you're paying. 

It's an honor that you would trust me enough to say yes to this program. I cannot wait to support you.

Jennifer Ballard, past membership client, said:

This program has been life changing for me. The level of support is unparalleled and so different from any other I’ve been a part of.

The down and dirty, honest Q and A’s have been priceless and allowed me to not only build momentum but maintain it.

I’ve built so much confidence in my pricing, even with a pivot during the pandemic, which has allowed me to help build that confidence in my clients! 

I’ve celebrated 17k months and my clients are now seeing 5X income growth. 

And the support from the women here has been amazing. So grateful to be a part of this membership. I never want it to end! Thank you Taylor, you rock 

Jenny Hale, past membership client, said:

So, I just joined Taylor's program after holding off for months (which was a total mistake!).

This program is on an entirely new level. I've binged at least 2 trainings per day for the last week and I've never felt more motivated, high-vibe, or on fire!

I just closed ANOTHER 4-figure sale today from this new energy (with an inbox filled with more interest).

I'm showing up in my business in ways I never thought possible.

Taylor is a guiding light not only on the strategy stuff, but the mindset behind success. I've never been more honored to work with her - honest truth 

There are two ways you can join the membership:

monthly payments


  • Access to community Facebook group  
  • Access to new curriculum drop each month 
  • Monthly Content Plan 
  • Monthly Q&A recording
  • Monthly 'Insight Scoop' 

  • Auto-billed monthly, cancel anytime 

12 month discount


  • Access to community Facebook group  
  • Access to new curriculum drop each month 
  • Monthly Content Plan 
  • Monthly Q&A recording
  • Monthly 'Insight Scoop' 
  • SAVE: Get 2 months in the membership free 
  • BONUS: Get a 1:1 social media audit from Taylor (delivered via Loom screen share video)