You know your offers are good and change people's lives... you just need the words to get more inside.

Being able to write posts that your audience LOVES and talk about your offers on stories to make money every single day is a complete dream - now it's just figuring out how to get them to convert to way more sales. 

It's insanely important to you to run your business in a way that fits you and your life: and complicated funnels, ads, launches are not it.

You know the power of being in a space where you have tools that save you time, strategy that increases your results and inspires you to go even bigger and show up. 

What is "Transparent Sales"? This is a way of selling where you simply post and sales come in. No webinars with no real value, no sales calls, no hiding your price, no DMing people who never even asked for information. 

Yes, it's that simple. And you can make even MORE money than those who are using pushy sales-y strategies when it's done right. 

"I actually whipped up 7 social media posts within one hour of the training. 

It feels like the floodgates to real sales just opened!"

Roshni Shaikh, Transparent Sales® student

This membership works like no other content or sales program you’ve been in:

👩‍💻 Endless prompts so you never get stuck with what to say again

👩‍💻 Exact breakdowns of strategies working right now and support making them work for your unique business and brand because it’s much deeper than just do reels or carousel posts or sending sales emails 

👩‍💻 Bite-size drops every week so you always have something to move forward with and keep content creation exciting but this isn’t another one of those programs you simply cannot keep up with 

👩‍💻 Affordable AF and will make you a huge ROI because it's so direct on exactly what to do so the strategies actually work for you 

This membership was made for the online business owner who:

You’re already creating content pretty consistently (you're beyond the too-scared-to-post stage) but you know you should be getting more sales for all the effort you’re putting in 


You’ve learned content strategy in other programs but even when you do exactly what they say it doesn’t work like it does for them


You struggle with figuring out how to really stand out in your niche - whether it’s because you feel like your results aren’t tangible enough, your work can help people with so many different things, your results don’t compare to others in your niche, etc 


You vibe with how I do content and sales you want to step into this way of doing it too 


You actually like creating content and getting to express yourself while helping people but you’d be lying if you said you never get stuck on what else their possibly is to say 


You have offers you KNOW more people should be in (and that’s really all it takes for you to hit your big dreamy revenue goals) but you know the way you’re talking about them online isn’t moving people to the sale


You maybe have a past of attracting clients who are not dream clients - they require a lot of heavy lifting in the sales process and in your offers - maybe overstepping boundaries, not doing the work, putting the blame or pressure on you - and you’re done with it. You want content that attracts dream, ready to buy now clients.

When you join, you get instant access to our vault of content that includes:

✅ A PDF doc with my go to scripts (broken down slide by slide) to sell on Instagram stories 

✅ Video training showing one of my favorite ways to sell that is so so simple and helps your dream clients really understand what it's actually like to be inside your offers (this is SO good if you want to sell out your high ticket or evergreen offers)  

✅ Exactly how I use my Instagram insights to create an entire months worth of content without having to even think about what to say 

✅ A case study on the reel I created that brought in over 60 new people onto my email list  

✅ A full breakdown of my best performing IG content from 2023 including (my posts, reels AND stories) and how I plan to use this information 

✅ 60 content prompt PDF: 30 prompts to increase reach on Instagram and 30 prompts for selling your offers on any platform 

✅ Video training on the exact changes I've made to my IG, email and podcast strategy for it to take WAY less time and make WAY more money in the past couple years 

... plus 4+ new drops every single month! 🤤

Keilly, past membership client, said: 

You won’t regret investing in this program! It’ll save you so much time spinning your wheels and making mistakes.

There have been numerous times I’ve been unsure on what to do and Taylor has made things super clear for me and so that I intuitively know what to do! She has a unique skill of pulling the best work and ideas out of me.

Being in this program is invaluable and will keep you high vibe and is priceless for the level of support you’ll have.

Shilpa, past membership client, said:

This program is so powerful, it is one of the places I go to for getting perspective, grounding, and uplifting mindset + strategic advice for any situation going on in my business!

The trainings are always so specific and actionable nuggets, your Q&As are so transparent, the mindset work is next level. And with the weekly homework posts, you break down all overwhelm and energise me to get stuff done!

It feels like having a coach in my pocket! Taylor Lee thank you so much for holding this space and for showing us what's possible! 

So, you ready to join us?

12 Monthly Payments of


  • Access to an entire vault of trainings, prompts, breakdowns, examples
  • Access to Taylor and the community in our Facebook group to ask for feedback on the work you’re implementing + clarification questions 
  • 4+  new strategic drops per month 
  • Including monthly q&a thread + recording where you have the chance to ask Taylor anything
  • Bonus: My entire high ticket sales course that teaches you exactly how I book out my 1:1 and mastermind offers ($1,800 value) 

12 Month Discount


  • Everything you get on the payment plan
  • PLUS: get 2 months in the membership free by paying in full + saving

Tara Hewson, past membership client, said:

"Just wanted to do a huge shoutout to Taylor! Since coming across Taylor and joining her program I have completely transformed my business.

I used the trainings and content prompts from the training in my most recent launch and had a $12,500 cash day!

The program has not only had a huge impact on the results in my business but has made me fall in love with my business all over again!

Thank you so much Taylor I LOVE your program it’s absolutely my most favourite place on the internet!"

Sarah Mac, past membership client, said: 

This program has honestly been so valuable - to have the inside scoop on what Taylor is doing in her business, to have her support on my current strategy and so much content to dive into to up-level my skill at selling high ticket offers, as well as the mindset stuff.

I've had so many of my burning business questions answered, I've taken my knowledge of online marketing to a whole new level, and I've tapped into much more aligned strategies to be making sales and feeling way more freedom and enjoyment in my business - including surpassing my $20k month income goal by a lot without having to work harder!

Frequently Asked Questions

Jennifer Ballard, past membership client, said:

This program has been life changing for me. The level of support is unparalleled and so different from any other I’ve been a part of.

The down and dirty, honest Q and A’s have been priceless and allowed me to not only build momentum but maintain it.

I’ve built so much confidence in my pricing, even with a pivot during the pandemic, which has allowed me to help build that confidence in my clients! 

I’ve celebrated 17k months and my clients are now seeing 5X income growth. 

And the support from the women here has been amazing. So grateful to be a part of this membership. I never want it to end! Thank you Taylor, you rock 

Jenny Hale, past membership client, said:

So, I just joined Taylor's program after holding off for months (which was a total mistake!).

This program is on an entirely new level. I've binged at least 2 trainings per day for the last week and I've never felt more motivated, high-vibe, or on fire!

I just closed ANOTHER 4-figure sale today from this new energy (with an inbox filled with more interest).

I'm showing up in my business in ways I never thought possible.

Taylor is a guiding light not only on the strategy stuff, but the mindset behind success. I've never been more honored to work with her - honest truth 

Ready for sales to be rolling in everyday, easier than ever before?