Episode #242: The episode all high achieving women need to hear with Lauren Joyce

Taylor Lee
Episode #242: The episode all high achieving women need to hear with Lauren Joyce

I am so excited for today’s podcast and the first guest of 2024, Lauren Joyce. This episode is filled with valuable insights, practical advice, and inspiring stories for a fresh perspective and encouragement for women navigating their paths to success.

We not only talk about and acknowledge the incredible achievements of high-performing women but also provide a meaningful conversations for the woman who feels shame, not good enough, always behind and overwhelmed.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Lauren’s experiences that brought her into mentorship and how she went from business coaching to helping women reclaim their power.
  • Why women don’t take the time to celebrate themselves. Plus, Lauren shares a simple practice you can start doing now.
  • How looking into Ancient Feminine spiritual practices play a part in our world today and how we can use it transform our lives! 

I believe you'll find it both empowering and enlightening.


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"I believe women’s ability to create."

- Lauren Joyce


About Lauren

Lauren Joyce is the founder of The Magnetic Woman®️ and she helps women reclaim their power through pleasure.

Lauren loves to help women use the Sacred Feminine and pleasure as a way to feel more grounded, sexy and fully expressed.


Connect with Lauren: IG | Website 


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