Episode #239: Crossing multi 6 figures in her first pregnancy with Marina Soicher

Taylor Lee
Episode #239: Crossing multi 6 figures in her first pregnancy with Marina Soicher

In this week’s podcast episode, I chat with Marina Soicher. A mama of two—who has embarked on a mission of guiding other mamas in carving their own niches online.

Marina's work, although it shares similar qualities with coaching, is unique. It's this mentorship that I find most compelling—a blend of nurturing and strategy, equipping you with not just insights but also concrete tools to build your dreams.

We talk about going after those big dreams, and support each other along the way.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Marina’s unique business that includes a low ticket collaboration offer teaching you business and marketing, paired on the backend with network marketing by giving you a product to sell. 
  • Breaking the stigma around network marketing, MLMs, and direct sales for those who don't coach but crave freedom.
  • Marina’s experience of not only finding her ‘thing’, her big vision and her why but trusting herself to make it happen. 

I hope Marina’s story inspires you but also transform the way we approach our own life's work.


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"Go after those big dreams, and support each other along the way."

- Marina Soicher


About Marina

Marina is a wife & mama of 2 under 2 who started working online about 4 years ago without any social media experience or following and has grown a high ticket affiliate marketing business paired with an online educational platform to over a half million in person revenue. It started as a side gig alongside her jobs as a wedding planner, fitness coach, and insurance 9-5 at the time, but then replaced her “full-time” income 2 years in. Now, she mentors other mamapreneurs & 9-5ers to create the same automated stream of income on part-time efforts so they can have the freedom they deserve & provide for their families while getting to be present!

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