Episode #226: Scaling everything back and doing less to go to 7 figures with Jessie Harris

Taylor Lee
Episode #226: Scaling everything back and doing less to go to 7 figures with Jessie Harris

You are going to love this weeks episode!  We dive deep into something that was really powerful in making seven figures that wasn’t just the strategy and implementation. While those pieces are important, what made a difference was opening myself up to receiving it. Trust me, it took some effort and a shift in mindset.

Our guest for this episode is Jessie Harris Bouton, a former professional race car driver turned wife, mama of five young children, certified life and business growth strategist, author, and speaker. Her inspiring journey will leave you in awe.

Whether you've never made a dollar in your business or you're scaling to seven figures, these little gold nuggets are for anyone who wants to grow and be able to receive more (money, support, clients, etc).


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Jessie’s story from professional race car driver to a 7-figure business. 
  • How to move through and show up when no one is buying and you feel like a fraud. 
  • How to make the decision to cut back, because what we want and tend to do is consume and do more - learn learn learn.
  • The two main things that are going to make you stand out in your industry. 
  • How something can still be aligned for you even if it doesn’t work the first time, more of trusting yourself.

I hope you find these golden nuggets helpful. 


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"Show Up, Blow Up"

- Jessie Harris Boutin


About Jessie

Jessie Harris Bouton is The Millionaire Mompreneur™ Maker, certified life and business growth coach, motivational author and speaker, former professional 300+mph world champion race car driver and wife and mom of 5.

As the creator and founder of the Millionaire Mompreneur Project, Jessie shamelessly shares how at first, she cried more tears raising her businesses than her babies which is why when she cracked the 7-Figure code on her terms in less than part-time hours, she committed herself to helping motivated mamas grow their brand and bank account (but not their to-do list) by leveraging simple but powerful branding, marketing and sales systems.

Connect with Jessie: Instagram | Website


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