Episode #225: Creating and Using Wealth with Amber Hagberg

Taylor Lee
Episode #225: Creating and Using Wealth with Amber Hagberg

We talk all the time in our industry about what people make, but this week I want to talk about what’s behind all of that. 

The things like… 

Creating multiple revenue steams to build wealth. 

The work and mindset in knowing how much you want to make and where you want to invest. 

Trusting in the things you invest in and letting the money go. 

Plus, we are going to dive into Amber’s story from moving to Costa Rica starting with a dream to lead retreats and is now not only leading sold out retreats but building a retreat center. 

This is a conversation behind the numbers. 


Listen and you’ll hear:

  • Amber’s story of moving to Costa RicΔƒ and starting a retreat center.
  • How she’s creating and using multiple revenue stream to build wealth. 
  • The importance and mindset of trusting in your investments and releasing the money. 
  • How it’s okay to take time off and trust that you’re still supported financially. 
  • The advice and tips for those who are thinking about hosting and selling retreats.

 I hope this brings you perspective, tools, and a few ahas. 


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"Asking, what do I need to make that dream come true?"

- Amber Hagberg


About Amber

Amber Hagberg is a multi passionate mama living in Costa Rica with her jungle boy and husband. As a spiritual business coach, she empowers women’s to turn their passions, gifts, and skills into successful businesses while creating wealth from the inside out.

Connect with Amber: Instagram | Website


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