Episode #222: Big realizations as you scale your biz with Abbi Perets

Taylor Lee
Episode #222: Big realizations as you scale your biz with Abbi Perets

In this weeks episode, I got to have a great conversation with Abbi Perets and we dive deep into the good, the bad and the ugly realizations of scaling a business.

Do you ever feel stuck at your current level in business? I have, and just about every client I've ever met shares those feelings from time to time.

There's so much fluff and highlight reels out there around scaling — I'm craving real conversations, and think you are too. 

In this episode, we chat about:

  • The boundaries that are necessary to balance mom life and business.
  • The importance of non-negotiables because there will always be something to do.
  • Lessons in growing in your business too quickly.
  • Lessons in team and keeping things simple.
  • Taking a look at your offers and shifting to what your clients actually need.
  • Abbi’s non-negotiables in business to be aligned with a fully-free life.

I hope you find this conversation is incredibly valuable whether youre scaling or not. 


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"Choose your hard."

- Abbi Perets


About Abbi

Abbi Perets wants moms to know they don’t have to choose between kids and career. She’s the coach and mentor moms turn to when they want to break into freelance writing and earn great money from home, on their own terms.

Abbi combines nearly 20 years of experience freelancing for some of the world’s biggest companies with firsthand knowledge of having five kids of her own — including two with special needs. She understands the unique challenges moms face every day and has created programs specifically tailored to meet those challenges and empower moms all over the world to have it all.

Connect with Abbi: Website | IG | Facebook


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