A 12 month portal where... 

you stop wasting a single ounce of energy debating going after the goals you really want.

you stop going in circles about every decision you make in your business and start moving forward faster than ever.

you start making changes in your life that you have been secretly wondering would ever happen.

you once and for all let go of every lie telling you that you can't have what you want (or that you can... but it will come with pain and things you don't want).

you get next-level, long-term mentorship with me to take your business and life where you really want it to be.

Ready to step into The Unwavering Woman® within you? 


Your life is going to change forever in this portal & here's how: 

➡️ Every month I'll share my current journaling/energetic routine + actual pages from my journal... the blocks I am working through and how 

➡️ We start every month with a livestream where I teach a brand new Unwavering lesson - where you get both a transmission and actionable homework to start your month off strong and in the direction of hitting even your craziest goals 

➡️ We will end the month with another livestream where I'll sprinkle my end-of-the-month magic dust on you and support you in making the last week of the month the biggest week of your life 

➡️ Plus, once a month we will drop a thread in our group for you to share YOUR blocks and limiting beliefs coming up and I'll write out custom reframes and affirmations for you 

➡️ Bonus #1: You'll get instant access to my Unwavering course ($1,800 value) 

➡️  Bonus #2: You'll get access to the Transparent Sales membership your entire time in the program ($1,164 value) 

"Unwavering was so powerful - it helped me turn my goals into tangible habits that lead to immediate results, not only in business but also in self-care... and I had my first ever $24k month! Magic! 

Sarah Mac, Unwavering course student 

This portal is what I wish I had on my journey:

 ✨ A coach who would reframe my limiting beliefs FOR me? 

✨ A call at the beginning and end of every month to tap back into the belief that YES I get to have exactly what I want?

✨  Strategic programs to serve as reminders of what really matters to focus on to take my business to the next level? 

✨ A community of women who didn't hold space for limiting stories but who inspired me, lifted me up and reminded me of the TRUTH? 

✨ A way to work with my dream, 7 figure mentor for just $3,333 for the YEAR? 

The way this would have sped up my journey...



So, you ready to join us?

12 Monthly Payments of


  • 2, live Zoom calls with Taylor every month 
  • Access to Taylor and the community in our Facebook group
  • Reframe thread in group each month with custom affirmations + reframes for your limiting beliefs
  • Monthly journaling/energetic routine plus a BTS look of my own journal 
  • Bonus: The original Unwavering course ($1,800 value) 
  • Bonus: 12 months access to Transparent Sales Membership ($1,164) 



Everything you get on the monthly payment plan...

PLUS... save $1,000 


Gianna Rackham, Unwavering course student, said:

"I FUCKING DID IT lol! I signed another private client!!!! I was so unwavering even when it was HARD and I did it!!!" 

Shilpa Agarwal, Unwavering course student, said:

"When I started Unwavering, I was afraid of setting a $500 money goal. But with your help, I've made 11K within the duration of the course. All this while working a full-time job (while in the past I spent an entire year working full-time in the biz yet bringing in nothing!!!)"

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Tori Gaynor, Unwavering course student, said:

"Unwavering gave me perspectives I had never even considered before. It was literally everything I needed and helped me hit a $39k month. That's double I had ever done before. And half of that was done in the final week of the month too (being my unwavering self). This program is GOLD. EVERYONE needs this."

Ready to step into The Unwavering Woman within you?