My Eyes, Your Business

What we're all looking for: actual eyes on our business with in-depth, actionable feedback.

You can send a link to one thing and I will create a custom loom giving you the best feedback you've ever gotten in your life. 

Im doing a complete deep dive on your Instagram account - your stories, feed posts, links, bio, etc and telling you EXACTLY what to change and do to see:

  • more engagement 
  • more follower growth 
  • more sales 

 What I'll send back: 

• A written outline of my thoughts + an accompanying screen share style loom video covering it all in depth + more 😉 (please note: these videos are often 20 plus minutes and go very deep.)

Your feedback will be sent over within one business week. 

What People Are Saying:

First of all wow. This blew my mind. It was exactly what I was hoping for and more. I knew my sales page needed work. I knew my Instagram needed an update. But I never knew exactly where to start or what to even change- to me it looked good but wasn't converting. Having an outsider, (I mean not just any outsider, a dream mentor) look at my pages with a fresh set of eyes, knowing what works and what doesn't work was worth every single cent. As soon as I watched the loom video I immediately started implementing changes and it felt so good to have a direction!

Kathleen Hart

I purchased "My Eyes, Your Business" because I wanted feedback on the content on my IG, as I knew I needed to make some changes but wasn't sure exactly what they were and how to approach them. It's always been challenging for me to nail down my copy and market in a way that sells even more. She reviewed my stories, posts and sales page to give me specific things I could improve to sell more. She gave me specific questions to ask myself to taylor specific content for my people. It's going to help me SO MUCH to write my content and sales page with a better understanding of my people, marketing and how to talk even more to my people instead of just sharing my thoughts on things that are not that relevant to them. It's so helpful to be seen on exactly what WE need to improve and get tailored details on that. I loved receiving the video and the notes I could use and add to them. I found it so useful that I purchased another one for my membership sales page.

Kathleen Parent

I'm in awe of what I got from Taylor. I'm relatively new to the online space and am SO glad I asked for Taylor to look through my IG. The advice she gave was well over what I paid.

Alisa Taylor

$797.00 USD

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